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There are more than six species of sea turtles critically endangered. A sea turtle’s life is at risk from birth to adulthood. Some sea turtles never even get to hatch, due to the loss of nesting/feeding habitats and excessive egg collection. The ones that hatch are vulnerable to fishing hooks, nets, litter, pollution, and coastal development.

Sea Turtles are known for living life through vast sea journeys; letting the tides take them wherever, drifting in the infinite waters, and trusting the flow. Arriving wherever destiny takes them and whenever new opportunities arise. Just like all living things on this earth, sea turtles play an important role in the balance of this life.

Everybody can learn to embrace the journey of life, trusting the flow, and understanding that there is no absolute destination in life. I hope my art brings awareness to the vulnerability that sea turtles face.




13.6" x 36"


Acyrlic on Tar Paper


© 2018 Erika J. Simple, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Spring 2018 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

February 2018

Prize Awarded

Best of Show