Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibition



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The Everlasting Green. The green pearl of our mother nature has been our source of birth. It nurtures us and gives us strength to grow and thrive on planet Earth. As we indulge in our daily business routines and busy at inventing new and exciting technologies, don't ever forget about the piece of green that's always there with us. Although it may be standing in silence, it gives generously while we take air, water, and food into our everyday life nonstop. We shall not take them for granted. We shall hold a heart of gratefulness. We should not keep inventing new technologies and take away the living space of greenness. We should invent and build technologies with a heart of consideration when we send them into the embrace of our mother nature. Let technology and nature coexist peacefully, for the greenness is the place where we all were born. We should never ever forget that.


Oil and Acrylic

2D Dimensions

16" x 20"


© 2016 San Yeung, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

November 2016