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Thursday, October 15th
12:00 AM

A Simplified Model for Distortional Buckling of Channels and Zees in Flexure

Duane S. Ellifritt
Robert L. Glover
Jonathan D. Hren

12:00 AM

Buckling Mode Interaction in Cold-formed Steel Columns and Beams

C. Jiang
Viorel Ungureanu
J. Michael Davies

12:00 AM

Distortional Buckling Formulae for Thin Walled Channel and Z-sections with Return Lips

John T. Merrick
Gregory J. Hancock
M. R. Bamach

12:00 AM

Laterally Braced Cold-formed Steel Flexural Members with Edge Stiffened Flanges

Benjamin W. Schafer
Teoman Pekoz

12:00 AM