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Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Civil Engineer


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08 Dec 2020, 9:00 am


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging cutting-edge technology, which have generated great impact to social science, business, medicine, natural science and engineering. The applications of AI will bring revolution to civil engineering in all sides. Most attractive concerns in natural science and engineering are that if we can create “AI-empowered SCIENTIST” and “AI-empowered CIVIL ENGINEER”. This seminar will focus on the “AI-empowered CIVIL ENGINEER” who can do design, fabrication, analysis, maintenance and disaster risk management by machine learning (ML) and deep learning. Specifically, the design of materials and the prediction of properties of materials by ML is first presented. The ML-based architecture design and topological design of structures are then introduced. Finally, a systematic approach for the ML-assisted health monitoring of structures is proposed to cover the topics such as abnormal data diagnosis, loss data recovery, modal identification, damage detection and condition assessment, load identification, and 3D model reconstruction. The applications of ML in wind engineering is also introduced.


Dr. Hui Li is a Changjiang Scholar and Professor in Civil Engineering and Mechanics at Harbin Institute of Technology. Her research interests are centered at the intelligence science and technology of civil engineering. She is one of the pioneers in machine learning-assisted structural health monitoring and machine learning-based wind engineering around the world. She is the coauthor of more than 200 journal papers in authoritative journals, including Science, and author of more than 70 keynote lectures at various conferences. She is the PI of many big projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China. She also serves as consultant of structural health monitoring systems for long-span bridges. She is the current president of International Association of Structural Control and Monitoring (IASCM) and ANCRiSST, and the chairman of Association of Structural Control and Monitoring of China.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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INSPIRE - University Transportation Center

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