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04 Dec 2019, 11:00 am


Since the 1970s, simulation training has developed opera­tional trainers for a variety of complex systems from pilot flight simulations to cultural awareness training simulations. When connected to the real world, such simulation training interfaces can drive real vehicles and systems. We have been building a Simulation Training And Control System (STACS) for autonomous bridge inspection that uses a simulated world to train inspectors to control a heterogeneous group of robots. The objective is that, once trained, inspectors can use the same STACS interface used in training to control multiple real robots simultaneously during a bridge inspection task. We first built a multi-robot control interface and simulated environment so that a single operator may manage at least two types of robots. Second, we developed a new optimi­zation algorithm for automatically and quickly generating near-optimal routing for n robots to cooperatively cover every truss while minimizing inspection time. This webinar describes and demonstrates STACS, provides optimization results corresponding to time (and thus cost) saved in bridge inspection. Results show that we can signifi­cantly reduce bridge inspection time with inspection robots and that the time needed decreases in inverse proportion to the number of robots available for inspection.


Dr. Sushil Louis is a full professor of Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Reno and director of the Evolutionary Computing Systems Laboratory (ECSL). He works in the areas of evolutionary computation and its applications in search, optimization, and machine learning. His current interests are in evolutionary approaches to game AI, design optimization, and human behavior modeling. Dr. Louis was an associate editor of the IEEE transactions on Computational Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Games and was co-general chair of the 2006 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. Please visit his website at for additional information.


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