An improved technique for incorporating saturation into the q-d axis model (Park''s model) of a synchronous machine is proposed. By choosing magnetizing flux linkage as a state variable, iterative procedures required by traditional methods are avoided. The saturation function is represented by an arctangent function which has some distinct advantages over polynomial representations and look-up tables. In particular, the parameters of the proposed function all have physical significance and the proposed function is defined over an infinite range of flux linkage. The model is verified for steady-state and transient conditions using a laboratory synchronous machine-rectifier system similar to those commonly used for naval and aerospace power generation


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Park's Model; Arctangent Function; Machine Theory; Magnetic Flux; Magnetic Saturation; Magnetisation; Magnetizing Flux Linkage; Q-D Synchronous Machine Model; Rectifying Circuits; Steady-State Conditions; Synchronous Machine-Rectifier System; Synchronous Machines; Transient Conditions; Transients

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01 Jan 1998