A simplified physical-based model for deep-snapback transient voltage suppressors (TVS) is developed in this article. While based on physics, the number of parameters and components is minimized, so the model can be tuned easily from available measurements of the packaged TVS. SPICE convergence issues seen in previous snapback device models are eliminated by adding nonlinear damping components to the model. No convergence issues were seen among any of the simulations performed for this study, which includes transmission-line pulse tests with multiple levels and rise times. The proposed model was used to represent two different TVS devices and was validated in both device- and system-level simulations. Simulations of quasi-static and transient behavior matched measurement results within about 20% among all the tested cases.


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Convergence; Damping; Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection; Mathematical models; Numerical models; Oscillators; silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR); snapback; system-efficient ESD design (SEED) simulation; Transient analysis; transient voltage protection; TV

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01 Jan 2023