Immersive Audio for Human-Machine Interface of Unmanned Ground Vehicles


An Immersive Audio Environment (IAE) system is designed for the application of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). The IAE system consists of a small sized microphone array, ADC, beamformers for the UGVs, Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) filters, DAC, earphones for remote operators. The proposed IAE system is built by integrating commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products with a sound synthesis system and a head-hand direction tracking systems integrated to test the performance of the IAE system. The experiment results show that even with a small-sized Eigenmike R®, the integrated IAE system works well in terms of the accuracy of sound direction detected by human operators. The microphone array, beamformers, and sound volume have very small effects on the performance and accuracy, but the HRTFs have strong effect on the performance.

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2016 IEEE International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement, IWAENC (2016, Sep. 13-16, Xi'an, China)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Leonard Wood Institute
U.S. Army Research Laboratory


The research was sponsored by the Leonard Wood Institute in cooperation with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and was accomplished under Cooperative Agreement Number W911NF-07-2-0062.

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Acoustic waves; Beamforming; Ground vehicles; Microphones; Transfer functions; Commercial off-the-shelf products; Head related transfer function; Human Machine Interface; Immersive audio; Microphone arrays; Remote operator; Sound synthesis; Unmanned ground vehicles; Intelligent vehicle highway systems; Immersive audio environment

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01 Sep 2016