Utilizing Random Noise in Cryptography: Where is the Tofu?


With the massive deployment of mobile devices and sensor networks, resistance against side-channel attacks in cryptographic systems has become an active research topic in recent years. While various security measures exist in literature, most of them are deterministic in nature, where the same input plaintext always results in the same power trace with a given key. Thus, attackers can still aggregate the small deviations between the power traces to identify the correct key. Towards this, random dynamic voltage scaling has been proposed in the literature, which is demonstrated to be effective against Differential Power Analysis (DPA). In this paper, we evaluate this approach, along with the expanded feature of spatial randomness, to resist Correlation Power Analysis (CPA).

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IEEE/ACM Conference on Computer-Aided Design: ICCAD (2012: Nov. 5-8, San Jose, CA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Cryptographic Systems; Differential Power Analysis; Massive Deployment; Plaintext; Power Analysis; Power Traces; Random Dynamics; Random Noise; Research Topics; S-Box; Security Measure; Side Channel Attack; Computer Aided Design; Mobile Devices; Sensor Networks; Voltage Stabilizing Circuits; Cryptography; Correlation Power Analysis; Random Dynamic Voltage Scaling

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1092-3152; 1558-2434

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01 Nov 2012

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