One of the unique advantages of plug-in hybrid vehicles is their capability to integrate the transportation and electric power generation sectors in order to improve the efficiency, fuel economy, and reliability of both systems. This goal is performed via integration of the onboard energy storage units of plug-in vehicles with the power grid by power electronic converters and communication systems. Employing energy storage systems improves the efficiency and reliability of the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. Similarly, combining an energy storage system with the power train of a conventional vehicle results in a hybrid vehicle with higher fuel efficiency. In both cases, the energy storage system is used to provide load leveling. In this paper, viability of utilizing the same energy storage unit for both transportation and power system applications is discussed. Furthermore, future trends in analysis, design, and evaluation of distributed energy storage system for the power grid using power-electronic-intensive interface are identified.

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IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (2007: Sep. 9-12, Arlington, TX)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Energy Storage; Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Power Convertors; Power Systems; Infrastructures; Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles; Power Electronics; Hybrid Vehicles; Infrastructures; Plug Ins; Communication Systems; Computer Networks; Electric Energy Storage; Electric Power Generation; Electric Power Measurement; Electric Power Systems; Electric Power Transmission Networks; Electricity; Flywheels; Fuel Economy; Ground Vehicles; Land Vehicle Propulsion; Power Generation; Power Transmission; Propulsion; Reliability; Vehicles; Electric Generators

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01 Sep 2007