A non-destructive, contactless, free-space method is used for measuring and monitoring the properties of cement-based materials. We analyse the propagation factor, penetration depth and reflection and transmission coefficients of the plane wave interacting with the highly lossy specimen. Results are presented of the measurement and monitoring of the properties of cement-based materials during all stages of their lives and different curing conditions The expected applications of the results for propagation modelling are discussed.

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IEEE VTS 53rd Vehicular Technology Conference, 2001


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Cement-Based Materials; Cements (Building Materials); Contactless Measurement; Dielectric Materials; Dielectric Properties; Electromagnetic Wave Reflection; Electromagnetic Wave Transmission; Free-Space Measurement Method; Lossy Specimen; Microwave Propagation; Microwave Reflection Properties; Microwave Transmission Properties; Nondestructive Measurement; Penetration Depth; Plane Wave; Propagation Factor; Propagation Modeling; Reflection Coefficients; Transmission Coefficients

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2001