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Chaohua Guo


"Shale gas is one kind of the unconventional resources which is becoming an ever increasing component to secure the natural gas supply in U.S. Different from conventional hydrocarbon formations, shale gas reservoirs (SGRs) present numerous challenges to modeling and understanding due to complex pore structure, ultra-low permeability, and multiple transport mechanisms.

In this study, the deviation against conventional gas flow have been detected in the lab experiments for gas flow through nano membranes. Based on the experimental results, a new apparent permeability expression is proposed with considering viscous flow, Knudsen diffusion, and slip flow. The gas flow mechanisms of gas flow in the SGRs have been studied using well test method with considering multiple flow mechanisms including desorption, diffusive flow, Darcy flow and stress-sensitivity. Type curves were plotted and different flow regimes were identified. Sensitivity analysis of adsorption and fracturing parameters on gas production performance have been analyzed. Then, numerical simulation study have been conducted for the SGRs with considering multiple mechanisms, including viscous flow, Knudsen diffusion, Klinkenberg effect, pore radius change, gas desorption, and gas viscosity change. Results show that adsorption and gas viscosity change will have a great impact on gas production. At last, the numerical simulation model for SGRs with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing horizontal well has been constructed. Sensitivity analysis for reservoir and fracturing parameters on gas production performance have been conducted. Results show that hydraulic fracture parameters are more sensitive compared with reservoir parameters. The study in this project can contribute to the understanding and simulation of SGRs"--Abstract, page iv.


Wei, Mingzhen

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Flori, Ralph E.
Nygaard, Runar
Bai, Baojun
He, Xiaoming


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering


Research Partnership to Secure Energy of America


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Study on gas flow through nano pores of shale gas reservoirs
  • Pressure transient and rate decline analysis for hydraulic fractured vertical wells with finite conductivity in shale gas reservoirs
  • Modeling of gas production from shale reservoirs considering multiple transport mechanisms
  • Numerical simulation of gas production from shale gas reservoirs with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing horizontal well


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