Requirement Acquisition, Analysis, and Synthesis in Quality Function Deployment


One of the most important problems in product design using quality function deployment is how to capture true customer re quirements. In this research, we develop systematic methods, processes, and techniques for eliciting complete, consistent, non- redundant, and true customer requirements from multiple perspectives. It covers from requirements acquisition, requirements extraction to requirements synthesis both within and across perspectives. In our framework, acquisition of requirements starts with identification of key quality concerns from individual perspectives. It is followed by elicitation, analysis, and extraction of both functional and non- functional requirements using various techniques, such as structured interviews, functional decomposition, quality attribute analysis, and use case analysis. The derived requirements are synthesized into required quality requirements using generic rules. In the synthesis, we must make sure to detect and resolve mutual exclusive requirements, remove ambiguity in requirements, and delete duplicate ones.


Computer Science

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Acquisition; Extraction; Requirement; Synthesis; Quality function deployment

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Article - Journal

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01 Mar 2001