Efficient Recursive XML Query Processing Using Relational Database Systems


Recursive queries are quite important in the context of XML databases. In addition, several recent papers have investigated a relational approach to store XML data and there is growing evidence that schema-conscious approaches are a better option than schema-oblivious techniques as far as query performance is concerned. However, the issue of recursive XML queries for such approaches has not been dealt with satisfactorily. In this paper we argue that it is possible to design a schema-oblivious approach that outperforms schema-conscious approaches for certain types of recursive queries. To that end, we propose a novel schema-oblivious approach, called Sucxent++ (Schema Unconcious XML Enabled System), that outperforms existing schema-oblivious approaches such as XParent by up to 15 times and schema-conscious approaches (Shared-Inlining) by up to eight times for recursive query execution. Our approach has up to two times smaller storage requirements compared to existing schema-oblivious approaches and 10% less than schema-conscious techniques. In addition Sucxent++ performs marginally better than Shared-Inlining and is 5.7-47 times faster than XParent as far as insertion time is concerned.


Computer Science

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Performance; Query Optimization; Query Translation; Recursive Queries; Relational Databases; XML Storage

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01 Sep 2006