A Cache-Aware Social-Based QoS Routing Scheme in Information Centric Networks


Due to the rapid expansion of Internet and the huge proliferation of users, Internet has evolved from a host-centric model to a content-oriented model. This implies the in-adaptation of current TCP/IP architecture providing the best performance to end-users and the urgency of researching future Internet architecture. In future Internet, the named data rather than traditional IP address may become the thin waist of the hourglass model of networking. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a cache-aware social-based Quality of Service (QoS) routing scheme for Named Data Networking (NDN) in Information Centric Network (ICN). Three kinds of social relationships, namely neighbors (NB), interest friends (IF) and response friends (RF) are devised to describe the relationships among nodes. Thus, when there is a failure in doing Pending Interest Table (PIT) scheme, a forwarding scheme based on social relationships is done before doing Forwarding Information Base (FIB) scheme. Moreover, a caching policy and its corresponding replacement policy based on content popularity, cache space and neighbor caching information are proposed. Results from simulation experiments demonstrate that our proposed scheme has better performance, including a higher routing success ratio, than NDN routing mechanism.


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This work was supported by the Major International (Regional) Joint Research Project of NSFC under Grant No. 71620107003; the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China under Grant No. 71325002; the MoE and ChinaMobile Joint Research Fund under Grant No. MCM20160201; the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61572123; the Program for Liaoning Innovative Research Term in University under Grant No. LT2016007; the PhD Science Initiation Foundation of Liaoning Province under Grant No. 20170520323; the CERNET Innovation Project under Grant No. NGII20170613; the PhD Science Initiation Foundation of Liaoning University.

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Internet protocols; Network architecture; Quality of service; Routing protocols; Social aspects; Cache-aware; Information Centric Networks; Named data networkings; QoS routing; Social relationships; Network routing

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01 Nov 2018