ABIDE: A Bid-Based Economic Incentive Model for Enticing Non-cooperative Peers in Mobile-P2P Networks


We propose ABIDE, a novel bid-based economic incentive model for enticing non-cooperative mobile peers to provide service in M-P2P networks. The main contributions of ABIDE are three-fold. First, it encourages relay peers to act as brokers for performing value-added routing (i.e., pro-actively search for query results) due to bid-based incentives. Second, it integrates newly joined peers in the system seamlessly by sharing the loads with the neighbouring brokers. This helps the new peers to earn revenues in order to be able to obtain services. Third, it considers effective data sharing among the peers. ABIDE also considers quality of service, load, energy and network topology. Our performance study indicates that ABIDE is indeed effective in increasing the number of service-providers in M-P2P networks, thereby improving query response times and data availability.


Computer Science

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ABIDE; Database searching; Peer-to-peer architecture (Computer networks); Querying (Computer science)

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Article - Journal

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01 Jan 2008