Restoring Artifact-Free Microscopy Image Sequences


Phase contrast and differential interference contrast, which are used to capture microscopy images of living cells, contain a few artifacts such as halo and shadow-cast effect. Removing these artifacts from microscopy images facilitates automated microscopy image analysis, such as the cell segmentation that is a critical step in cell tracking systems. We propose a restoration algorithm based on the microscopy imaging model and consider temporal consistency when restoring time-lapse microscopy image sequences. The artifact-free microscopy images are restored by minimizing a regularized quadratic cost function that is adaptable to input image properties. Our method achieves high segmentation accuracy and low computational cost compared to the previous methods.

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International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (2017: Sept. 11-13, Quebec City, Canada)


Computer Science

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Automated Microscopy; Cell Segmentation; Cell Tracking System; Computational Costs; Critical Steps; Differential Interference Contrast; Input Image; Living Cell; Microscopy Image Analysis; Microscopy Images; Microscopy Imaging; Phase Contrasts; Quadratic Cost Functions; Restoration Algorithm; Segmentation Accuracy; Temporal Consistency; Time-Lapse Microscopy; Image Analysis; Image Reconstruction; Medical Imaging; Restoration; Image Segmentation; Image Restoration; Phase Contrast

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01 Mar 2011