The design and implementation of a reliable version of the distributed bitonic sorting algorithm using the application-oriented fault tolerance paradigm on a commercial multicomputer is described. Sorting assertions in general are discussed and the bitonic sort algorithm is introduced. Faulty behavior is discussed and a fault-tolerant parallel bitonic sort developed using this paradigm is presented. The error coverage and the response of the fault-tolerant algorithm to faulty behavior are presented. Both asymptotic complexity and the results of run-time experimental measurements on an Ncube multicomputer are given. The authors demonstrate that the application-oriented fault tolerance paradigm is applicable to problems of a noniterative nature

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9th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 1989


Computer Science

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Ncube Multicomputer; Application-Oriented Fault Tolerance Paradigm; Asymptotic Complexity; Commercial Multicomputer; Design; Distributed Processing; Error Coverage; Fault Tolerant Computing; Faulty Behaviour; Implementation; Multiprocessing Systems; Reliable Distributed Sorting; Sorting

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1989