HIGHLAND, a distributed-memory parallel processing environment for heterogeneous local area networks, has been developed. Designed as both a teaching and a research tool, its purpose is to provide an effective mechanism by which a number of networked UNIX workstations, dissimilar in both vendor and performance, can be directly manipulated as a single, unified, multiprocessing system. Utilizing the MIT X-windows environment, HIGHLAND supports a highly interactive graphical interface through which a programmer can create, modify, and control complex systems of communicating processes

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33rd Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 1990


Computer Science

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HIGHLAND; MIT X-Windows Environment; UNIX Workstations; Computer Science Education; Distributed-Memory Parallel Processing Environment; Educational Aids; Graphical User Interfaces; Heterogeneous Local Area Networks; Heterogeneous Workstation Environment; Interactive Graphical Interface; Large-Grained Parallelism; Local Area Networks; Multiprocessing System; Parallel Processing; Research Tool; Teaching Tool

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01 Jan 1990