The e-ticket (electronic ticket) validation problem has relevance in mobile computing environment because of the multiple submission of a ticket that is possible due to intermittent disconnections and mobility of hosts. Here, we propose protocols that are not only sensitive to disconnection but also to location. One of the proposed protocols is the variant of the distributed protocol proposed by Pedone (2000) for Internet users. This shows that a distributed protocol for static network can be restructured for distributed computation in a mobile computing environment. We have also proposed another protocol that uses a hierarchical location database of mobile hosts (Pitoura and Samaras, 2001).

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IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce, 2003


Computer Science

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Internet; Client-Server Systems; Database Management Systems; Distributed Algorithm; Distributed Algorithms; Distributed Computation; Distributed Computing; Distributed Protocol; E-Ticket Validation Protocol; Electronic Commerce; Electronic Ticket; Hierarchical Location Database; Host Mobility; Intermittent Disconnection; Mobile Client; Mobile Computing; Mobile Host; Protocols; Security of Data; Static Network; Tree-Based Protocol

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2003