Most of the contemporary Web query systems have limited capabilities in controlling Web query execution. Such query facility is important as it gives us an opportunity to optimize the evaluation of a Web query. We address this issue in the context of our Web warehousing system called WHOWEDA (Warehouse Of Web Data). Specifically, we investigate different types of constraints (related to query execution) which may be imposed on a Web query such as number of query results, time of execution, restrict the evaluation of a query to specified set of Web sites, etc. An important feature of our approach is that it attempts to address the query evaluation issues which may arise due to the existence of broken links and forms in the Web.

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13th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 2002


Computer Science

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WHOWEDA; Web Query Execution; Web Sites; Web Warehouse; Data Warehouse; Data Warehouses; Query Evaluation; Query Processing

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01 Jan 2002