A Multi-axis Slicing Method for Direct Laser Deposition Process


With multi-axis capability, direct laser deposition process can produce a metal part without the usage of support structures. In order to fully utilize such a capability, the paper discusses a slicing method for multi-axis metal deposition process. Using the geometry information of adjacent layers, the slicing direction and layer thickness can be changed as needed. A hierarchy structure is designed to manage the topological information which is used to determine the slicing sequence. Its usage is studied to build overhang type structure. With such a character, some overhang features such as holes, can be deposited directly to save the required machining operation and material cost, which improves the efficiency of the metal deposition process. Combined with direct 3D layer deposition technique, the multi-axis slicing method is implemented.

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ASME 2010 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference


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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Laser Deposition

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01 Jan 2010