Cqserver: An Example of Applying a Distributed Object Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Enterprise Computation of Continual Queries


The revolution in computing brought about by the Internet is changing the nature of computing from a personalized computing environment to a ubiquitous computing environment in which both data and computational resources are network-distributed. Client-server communications protocols permit parallel ad hoc queries of frequently-updated databases, but they do not provide the functionality to automatically perform continual queries to track changes in those data sources through time. the lack of persistence of the state of data resources requires users to repeatedly query databases and manually compare the results of searches through time. to date, continual query systems have lacked both external and internal scalability. Herein we describe CQServer, a scalable, platform- and implementation-independent system that uses a distributed object infrastructure for heterogeneous enterprise computation of both content- and time-Based continual queries.


Computer Science

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Continual query; Distributed databases; Enterprise Java Beans

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2003

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