Evaluation of MorphologyNet as a Visual Dissection Experience


As technological developments in the field of medical imaging increase at an exponential rate, literally hundreds of researchers and clinicians are generating threedimensional visualizations of anatomical structures for use in research and disease diagnosis. But virtual dissection experiences (VDEs) can also be valuable for and appealing to the current video-game generation of K-16 students, and may well stimulate student interest in science. This may be particularly true if the VDE is realistic and easy to use. Herein we describe MorphologyNet, a VDE that provides both an interactive, anatomical dissection tool as well as a library of 3D dissectible images from several organism groups. We also discuss preliminary results of student evaluations of the usability and usefulness of MorphologyNet as a learning tool.


Computer Science

Second Department

Biological Sciences

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Anatomical Structures; Medical Imaging; Usability; Virtual Dissection Experiences (VDEs)

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2006

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