Many emerging high-performance applications require distributed infrastructure that is significantly more powerful and flexible than traditional Grids. Such applications require the optimization, close integration, and control of all Grid resources, including networks. The EnLIGHTened (ENL) Computing Project has designed an architectural framework that allows Grid applications to dynamically request (in-advance or on-demand) any type of Grid resource: computers, storage, instruments, and deterministic, high-bandwidth network paths, including lightpaths. Based on application requirements, the ENL middleware communicates with Grid resource managers and, when availability is verified, co-allocates all the necessary resources. ENL's Domain Network Manager controls all network resource allocations to dynamically setup and delete dedicated circuits using Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) control plane signaling. In order to make optimal brokering decisions, the ENL middleware uses near-real-time performance information about Grid resources. A prototype of this architectural framework on a national-scale testbed implementation has been used to demonstrate a small number of applications. Based on this, a set of changes for the middleware have been laid out and are being implemented.


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01 Dec 2007