In a Disaster Response Management (DRM) Scenario, Communication and Coordination Are Limited, and Absence of Related Infrastructure Hinders Situational Awareness. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones Provide New Capabilities for DRM to Address These Barriers. However, There is a Dearth of Works that Address Multiple Heterogeneous Drones Collaboratively Working Together to Form a Flying Ad-Hoc Network (FANET) with Air-To-Air and Air-To-Ground Links that Are Impacted By: (I) Environmental Obstacles, (Ii) Wind, and (Iii) Limited Battery Capacities. in This Paper, We Present a Novel Environmentally-Aware and Energy-Efficient Multi-Drone Coordination and Networking Scheme that Features a Reinforcement Learning (RL) based Location Prediction Algorithm Coupled with a Packet Forwarding Algorithm for Drone-To-Ground Network Establishment. We Specifically Present Two Novel Drone Location-Based Solutions (I.e., Heuristic Greedy, and Learning-Based) in Our Packet Forwarding Approach to Support Application Requirements. These Requirements Involve Improving Connectivity (I.e., Optimize Packet Delivery Ratio and End-To-End Delay) Despite Environmental Obstacles, and Improving Efficiency (I.e., by Lower Energy Use and Time Consumption) Despite Energy Constraints. We Evaluate Our Scheme with State-Of-The-Art Networking Algorithms in a Trace-Based DRM FANET Simulation Testbed Featuring Rural and Metropolitan Areas. Results Show that Our Strategy overcomes Obstacles and Can Achieve 81-To-90% of Network Connectivity Performance Observed under No Obstacle Conditions. in the Presence of Obstacles, Our Scheme Improves the Network Connectivity Performance by 14-To-38% While Also Providing 23-To-54% of Energy Savings in Rural Areas; the Same in Metropolitan Areas Achieved an Average of 25% Gain When Compared with Baseline Obstacle Awareness Approaches with 15-To-76% of Energy Savings.


Computer Science

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Batteries; Disaster Response; Drone Mobility Management; Drones; Energy Efficiency; Learning-Based Scheduling; Monitoring; Prediction Algorithms; Reliability; Reliable Network Construction; Task Analysis

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01 Jan 2023