Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged in the intelligent transportation system (ITS) to meet the increasing environmental concerns. To facilitate on-demand requirement of EV charging, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charge transfer can be employed. However, most of the existing approaches to V2V charge sharing are centralized or semi-centralized, incurring huge message overhead, long waiting time, and infrastructural cost. In this paper, we propose novel distributed heuristic algorithms for V2V charge sharing based on the multi-criteria decision-making policy. The problem is mapped to an alias classical problem (i.e., optimum matching in weighted bipartite graphs), where the goal is to maximize the matching cardinality while minimizing the matching cost. An integer linear programming (ILP)-based problem formulation cannot achieve optimum matching because the global network topology is not available with the EVs due to their limited communication range. Our proposed heuristics can yield an almost stable matching with lesser computational, and message overhead compared to other existing distributed approaches. An average case matching probability is also calculated. Simulation experiments are conducted to measure the performance of our heuristics in terms of message overhead, matching percentage, and matching preference. The proposed solution outperforms the existing distributed approaches and shows comparable result with respect to standard centralized stable matching algorithm.


Computer Science

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distributed algorithm; Electric Vehicles (EVs); Intelligent Transportation System (ITS); matching; multi-criteria decision making; V2V charge sharing

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2155-5494; 2155-5486

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01 Jan 2022