An Efficient Blockchain Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks


Autonomous vehicles cooperate to perform many life-saving and cost-saving applications such as advanced collision warning, tailgating and traffic routing. As the use of autonomous vehicles increases, the transportation infrastructure as a whole becomes highly susceptible to cyber attacks due to the number of components that communicate with each other over wireless networks and the Internet. This chapter presents an efficient blockchain scheme for ad-hoc networks of autonomous vehicles, helping reduce the risk to the transportation infrastructure. In the proposed scheme, every vehicle maintains blocks generated by its platoon containing transactions that evaluate the actions of every vehicle. A central blockchain is not maintained and the vehicles have different blocks and blockchains as they join and leave platoons. The blocks are used as tokens by the vehicles to gain access to future platoons. The proposed scheme, which uses a variant of Schnorr multi-signatures to reach consensus in a platoon, is proven to be secure under reasonable assumptions.

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IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology


Computer Science


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Authentication; Blockchain; Vehicular ad-hoc networks

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01 Jan 2020