Mobile Edge Cooperation Optimization for Wearable Internet of Things: A Network Representation-Based Framework


As a new computing paradigm, edge computing emerges in various fields. Many tasks previously relied on cloud computing are distributed to various edge devices that cooperate to complete the tasks. However, circumstantial factors in the edge network (e.g., functionality, transmission efficiency, and resource limitation) become more complex than those in cloud computing. Consequently, there is instability that cannot be ignored in the cooperation between the edge devices. In this article, we propose a novel framework to optimize edge cooperative network (ECN), called ECN-Opt, to improve the performance of edge computing tasks. Specifically, we first define the evaluation metrics for cooperation. Next, the cooperation of an ECN is optimized to improve the performance of specific tasks. Extensive experiments using real datasets from wearable sensors on the players in soccer teams demonstrate that our ECN-Opt framework performs well, and it also validate the effectiveness of the proposed optimization algorithm.


Computer Science

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Center for High Performance Computing Research

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Cooperative optimization; edge cooperative network (ECN); mobile edge computing (MEC); wearable sensor

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1551-3203; 1941-0050

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Article - Journal

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01 Jul 2021