Mechanical and Durability Properties of Self Consolidating High Performance Concrete Incorporating Natural Zeolite, Silica Fume and Fly Ash


Mineral admixtures are widely used as cement replacement materials in both high performance concrete (HPC) and self consolidating concrete (SCC). While the effect of mineral admixtures on rheological properties of SCC and mechanical behavior of HPC has been investigated by many researchers, further research is needed to optimize the effective dosage of these admixtures in self consolidating high performance concrete (SCHPC). Moreover, the effects of some mineral admixtures such as natural zeolite on properties of SCHPC has not been well established yet. This paper discusses the effect of natural zeolite, silica fume and fly ash on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Slump flow, superplasticizer demand, compressive strength, electrical resistivity, water absorption and chloride permeability were measured for all mixes. The test results indicate that incorporation of mineral admixtures generally improve mechanical and durability characteristics of the mixes. However, silica fume is slightly more effective than natural zeolite or fly ash in improving durability properties of SCHPCs, while natural zeolite is much more cost effective.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


Present work was done with the financial support provided by Construction Materials Institute (CMI) at university of Tehran.

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Chloride permeability; Durability; Electrical resistivity; Fly ash; High performance concrete; Mineral admixtures; Natural zeolite; Self consolidating concrete; Silica fume; Water absorption

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01 Jul 2013