Chemistry Dissertations



Dissertations from 1994

The HPLC chiral resolution and solid state enantiomeric enrichment of optically active molecules using cyclodextrin or vancomycin chiral selector, Shushi Chen

Synthesis, characterization and application studies of copolyimides, Youbang Liu

Gas-solid and gas-liquid chromatographic stationary phases for the separation of volatiles and enantiomers, George Leo Reid

Resonance Raman investigations of heterogeneous systems using azo dyes as probes, Heping Wang

Synthesis and characterization of binuclear and unsymmetrical phthalocyanines/, Jiang Yang

Dissertations from 1993

A Mössbauer effect and Fenske-Hall molecular orbital study of the electronic properties of organoiron clusters, Margaret Linn Buhl

Centrifugal partition, liquid, and gas chromatography separation of biologically important chiral molecules, Adam Chau-Dung Chang

Synthesis and characterization of polycarbonates containing 2,2'-biimidazole, Il Young Cho

Raman detection of protein conformational changes: antigen-adjuvant interactions, Mijin Jang Cho

Characteristic modifications due to 2-methyl-1,3-propanediol in polymers, Pamela M. Duncan

Ultrasonic polymerization and ultrasonic dispersion of pigments, Younhee Kim

The noble gas geochemistry of Kuroko deposits and some barites, Bin Li

Applications of centrifugal partition chromatography, Randy A. Menges

A kinetic investigation of the aminolysis of activated esters of indole-3-acetic acid in acetonitrile, Michael J. Pfeiffer

Enantiomeric separation via chromatography using cyclodextrin stationary phases, Yubing Tang


Self-diffusion studies in polymer-solvent systems by pulsed-gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance, R. Allen Waggoner

Preparation and properties of optically transparent, pressure-cured poly(methyl methacrylate) composites, Kevin D. Weaver


The isolation and characterization of phenylalanine ammonia lyase from Schizophyllum commune and an attempt to isolate the gene, Jiamin Zeng

Dissertations from 1992

Enantiomeric separation by high-performance liquid chromatography using cyclodextrin stationary phases, San-Chun Chang

NMR studies of dynamics and structure in surfactant systems, Joseph R. Duke

Synthesis and characterization of Copper(II) complexes and addition polymers of 1-Vinyl-4'(5')-Trifluoromethyl-2,2'-Biimidazole and 1-Vinyl-1'-Methyl-4'-Trifluoromethyl-2,2'-Biimidazole, Rick Allen Elmer

Dynamics of polyacrylates in bulk and adsorbed to a silica surface as determined by deuterium NMR, Robert B. Funchess

Characterization of fiber reinforced phenolic composites, Subramaniam Narayan

Dissertations from 1991


New bio-analytical separations utilizing chiral mobile phase additives in thin layer chromatography and chiral stationary phases in high performance liquid chromatography, Jo Dee Duncan

New approaches to enantiomeric separation by high performance liquid chromatography, Martha Lynne Hilton

Enantiomeric separation by capillary gas chromatography using derivatized cyclodextrin stationary phases, Weiyong Li

Dissertations from 1990

The aminolysis of the N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of phenylacetic acids, Robert Dean Baker

Polymer synthesis and characterization, Terry Lynn Bone

Surfactant association structures and emulsion polymerization, James E. Funk

Polymerization in organized media, Robert J. Gambogi

Dynamics of silane coupling agents in bulk and adsorbed on silica surfaces, Hye-Jung Kang

Structural elucidation of micellar solutions, Paul M. Lindemuth

The kinetics and mechanisms of the alcoholysis and hydrolysis of alkoxysilanes, David J. Oostendorp

Motion of block copolymers on surfaces and characterization of resins for friction materials, Brijnaresh R. Sinha

Metal salt catalyzed carbenoids IV, Shahram Yousefian

Dissertations from 1989

The conformational requirements for binding of ketanserin analogues to the serotonin (5HT₂) receptor: a molecular modeling approach, Scott A. DePriest

The design of silicon-based polyimide as a submicron resolution directly imagable electron-beam resist, Benjamin Chung-Peng Ho

Plasma polmerization and plasma treatment for modification of surfaces of polymeric materials, Yu Iriyama

Abrasion resistant coatings on plastics, Pornchai Laoharojanaphand

Interaction of N-propanol and N-propanol/water mixtures with 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate hydrogels which contain methyl, ethyl or butyl methacrylate, Norman D. Lian

Plasma synthesis of iron-containing thin films, Jui-Lung Li

A study of the chemical behavior and natural cycles of selenium and tellurium in air, Sirinart Muangnoicharoen

Molecular mobility of toluene in polystyrene solutions, Byaporn Nanagara

Magnetic and hyperfine interactions in several rare earth-transition metal intermetallic compounds, Dwayne E. Tharp

Synthesis, solubilization, and polymerization in new surfactant systems, Yuh-Jye Uang

Dissertations from 1988

Aminolysis of N-hydroxysuccinimide esters, Gary Wayne Cline

Stratum corneum lipids: structure and interaction with a modified triglyceride, Lisa Beth Goldsmith

Hexaaza macrocyclic complexes containing biimidazole, Samir Saad Kandil

The synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes of 2,2'-biimidazole-containing polyurethanes, Frank Jian-Lin Liu

The hydrolysis, adsorption, and dynamics of silane coupling agents on a silica surface, Wiriya Meesiri

Dissertations from 1987


Microemulsions, lyotropic liquid crystals, and other association structures, Jiafu Fang

Investigation of the water-isocyanate reaction, David W. Ihms

Double beta-decay of selenium-82, tellurium-128 and tellurium-130, Wuu-Jyh Lin

Thermodynamic investigations of cosurfactants and electrolytes in micellar solutions, Duy Thai Nguyen

Surfactant association structures in stratum corneum, Hamdan Suhaimi


Amphiphile association structures, Yun Yang

Dissertations from 1986

The study of the mechanism in the electrochemical reduction of crotyl alcohol and related compounds, Chen-Yie Chien


Amphiphilic association structures and some aspects of foam stability, Jia-Hwa Fang

Amphiphile association in glycerol systems, Yuh-Chirn Liang

Neutron diffraction studies of the atomic and magnetic structures of Ho₆Mn₂₃, Ho₆Mn₂₃D₂₂ and some Y₆(Fe₁- Aℓ )₂₃ compounds, Nimalie T. Littlewood

Dissertations from 1985

The effects of selected impurities on the electrocrystallization of zinc, Laura Webber Blaser

Chalcogen elements in aerosols: a study of the behavior of TE, SE and S in air, Kuen-Yuan Chiou

On the mechanism of the vacuum deposition of selected poly-para-xylylenes, Maciej Gazicki

A study of structure and dynamics of surfactant system: hexadecyltriethylammonium bromide-water-pentanol-decane, Marja-Riitta Hakala

Lyotropic liquid crystals and foam stability, Paul Ming-San Liang

Interaction of a glyceridacid with lipids of the stratum corneum, David Wade Osborne

Studies of the reaction between diazoacetylglycine methyl ester and Cu (II) and the inhibition of the enzyme, porcine pepsin, Barbara Ruth Patterson

Dissertations from 1983

The interactions of amphiphiles with solvent molecules and small metal ions, Tony D. Flaim

Dissertations from 1982

Design and performance of a gamma-ray diffractometer at 0.12A, Randall Warren Alkire

Powder neutron diffraction studies of Y₆Mn₂₃D₂₃, Er₆Mn₂₃D₂₃, and LaNi₄.₅Al₀.₅D₄.₅, Cyrus E. Crowder

Isotope separation by foam fractionation, William Shuman Hitchcock

On the thermal decomposition kinetics of arsenic (V) fluoride and iodine doped polyacetylene in vacuum, Jan-Erik Osterholm

Cell wall biosynthesis in Aureobasidium pullulans, David R. Quigley

Dissertations from 1981

Solubilities in multicomponent systems of nonspecific interactions, William Eugene Acree

Molecular interactions in amphiphilic association structures, Beverly Bendiksen

A study of noble gases in terrestrial and extraterrestrial nickel-irons, R. G. Downing

A study of the products, kinetics, and mechanism of the cerium (IV) oxidation of N-benzyliminodiacetic acid in acidic perchlorate and acidic sulfate media, Marilyn Eileen Moehlenkamp

Neutron activation analysis of nuclides from stellar and man-induced nuclear reactions, Lawrence Lee Oliver

Dissertations from 1980

Kinetics and mechanism of the cerium(IV) oxidation of α- hydroxycycloalkanecarboxylic acids and cyclic alcohols in acidic perchlorate media, Jeff Taylor Fenton

Dissertations from 1979


I. Extracellular metabolites from coprinus macrorhizus microsporus. Isolation and characterization of hydroxylagopodin B. II. The cell wall composition and structure of coprinus macrorhizus microsporus, Carey Bernard Bottom

Magnetic structures of the R₆T₂₃ compounds of rare earth-transition metal intermetallics, V. Kay Hardman

The chitin synthetase enzyme of Schizophyllum commune "wild-type" and the mutant "streak", Gary Clifford Magruder

Dissertations from 1978

The hydrogenation of ethylene over lanthanum transition metal perovskites, Dennis Ray Anderson

Iodine-129 in thyroids and tellurium isotopes in meteorites by neutron activation analysis, Robert V. Ballad

4,5-dimethoxybenzyne and 4,5-methylenedioxybenzyne, Charles Fisher Cooper

A study of the iron (II) halide and pseudohalide complexes of pyridine, Billy Frank Little

Dissertations from 1977

Thermochemical investigations of nearly ideal binary solvents, Thomas E. Burchfield

Coordination chemistry studies of pyridoxal and sparteine, James T. Wrobleski

Dissertations from 1976

Substituent effects and variable hybridization, W. Daniel Edwards

Kinetic and mechanistic investigation of the cerium (IV) oxidation of bezilic acids, Abdulkadir Sezai Sarac

Dissertations from 1975


The noble gas record of terrestrial and meteoritic samples, Edward W. Hennecke

Dissertations from 1974


A study of the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of carbon acids in methanol, Dennis L. Filger


The chemical and electrochemical oxidative decarboxylation of methyliminodiacetic acid in acid media, Rita Kathleen Hessley


Metal salt catalyzed carbenoids II, Robert Stephen McDaniel Jr.


Base-induced reactions of p-Nitrobenzyl compounds, Paul Henry Ruehle


Kinetic and thermodynamic acidities of selected weakly acidic hydrocarbons, Darrell R. Strait

Dissertations from 1973


The atomic absorption determination of ultra-trace tellurium in rocks utilizing high sensitivity sampling systems, Richard D. Beaty


A study of the pulse-height response of silicon surface-barrier detectors to high-energy heavy ions, Gregory Dan Smith


Approaches to the synthesis of azabullvalene, Thomas Rudolph Steinheimer


Anionic polymerization of a series of 5-membered cyclocarbosiloxanes, Balaraman Suryanarayanan