Researchers evaluated the adhesive nature of the biofilm inhibitory coatings formulated from glass polyalkenoate cement (GPC) chemistry with the aim to establish the novel testing modality by modifying the conventional T-peel tests. Special consideration was given to determine the resistance of a bonded assembly of two adherents having at least one adherent flexible to quantify the bond between tape and a surgical metal substrate bonded by a luting GPC. The delaminated tape surface was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with an accelerating voltage of 20 K V to determine whether failure of the bond was adhesive of cohesive in nature. Researchers have also evaluated the cements against Ti6A14V, as they are designed as surgical coatings. The load testing evaluation in excess of 5500 Pa, showed the failure of the novel GPC adhered to rigid and flexible substrates.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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01 Mar 2009