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8th progress report


I. SCOPE OF THIS REPORT 1. A.stress investigation has been made on beam E-18-12-816 b at the load points with 6 and 12 ft. span and center load and with 12 ft. span and quarter point load. 2. The results of these tests seem to show that, after the completion of similar tests on two more beams of the present shipment enough data will have been gathered to answer the question of stress distribution. It was therefore thought advisable to carry out a more complete investigation on this beam. For this purpose the stress distribution at five additional cross sections (besides the load points) has been investigated on this beam with 12 ft. span and quarter point loading. It seemed appropriate to make this investigation on this particular beam, since it is the widest of all beams tested. 3. An investigation of the strain distribution was also undertaken in order to determine the influence of the bent up edges of the bottom flange.


Male, Milton


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


American Iron and Steel Institute

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Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures

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01 Mar 1940

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Eighth Progress Report

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Technical Report

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