Theoretical Trends in the Sociology of Occupations


In Order to Determine the Directions Which the Field of Sociology of Occupations Has Taken in Recent Years, a Content Analysis of Articles on Work and Occupations in Four General Sociological Journals and Two Specialized Journals Was Completed for the Years of 1976 to Early 1982. Not Surprisingly, There Has Been a Rapid Increase in the Number of Papers Dealing with Status and Income Attainment. Very Surprisingly, There Has Been a Near Demise of Papers En the Professions. Another Dominant Trust Has Been the Large Number of Articles on Women and Sex Roles. Satisfaction and Alienation at Work and Attempts at Job Redesign Have Also Received Increasing Attention. Papers on Other Topics Have Received Less Concentrated Attention. Moving Beyond the Results of the Content Analysis, the Present Work Discusses Unresolved Theoretical Issues and Potential New Directions for the Content Areas. It is Suggested that Even for Sociologists Who Do Not Identify Themselves as Specialists in Occupations, the Occupational Variable Remains a Dominant One in Sociological Analyses. Copyright © 1983, Wiley Blackwell. All Rights Reserved


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01 Jan 1983