A Comparison of Scaffolding Media in a Learning System for Teaching Web Development.


The purpose of this experiment was to compare two types of media scaffolds as a part of a learning system for teaching web development. Twenty students were given the task of creating an interactive web page using the web editor Dreamweaver©. They used a web-based tutorial to support this task. The tutorial included step-by-step text directions for how to complete the task, which were supplemented by media in the form of graphics for half of the students, and video for the other half. Those whose tutorials included videos performed better and rated the task more positively. In addition, students across both groups spent most of the time completing the task, as compared to viewing the tutorial, particularly the media. There was a strong positive relationship between time spent on the task and previous Dreamweaver experience, and a negative relationship between experience and time spent viewing the text directions.

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Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2004


Business and Information Technology

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Video; Students

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01 Jan 2004

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