Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering Masters Theses

Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2004

Application of the pipeline oil spill volume computer model, Pipat Jirapongpipat

Estimation of 1-dimensional seismic site response and liquefaction susceptibility of three Missouri River bridges, Craig K. Kaibel

Groundwater development in rural Lemoa, Guatemala, Erin Lepper

Advanced oxidation process used at a former ordnance plant, Jennifer Lake Triplett

Theses from 2003

Palynofacies and thermal maturation of lower paleozoic sedimentary rocks of the Reelfoot Rift and adjacent platform, Southeast Missouri, Michael Edward Corbett

Membrane properties of clays at low head differentials, Megan Hart

Development of a wax-rich grout for borehole sealing, Steven Joseph Knobbe

Numerical modeling of focused remediation using a groundwater circulation well, Gretchen R. Miller

Thermogravimetric analysis of coalbed methane: a novel approach towards quantifying coalbed methane reserves, Siddhartha Nahar

Reliability of pressure signals in offshore pipeline leak detection, Kishor Chandra Reddy Pitta

Injection of a super-saturated acetate solution to determine its viability as a bio-remediation option, Michael Eugene Stewart

Groundwater circulation well performance prediction, Sarah Marie Elizabeth Stock

Engineering geologic site characterization of some major highway bridges in Missouri, Shahram Taherinia


Rapakivi feldspars in the Deer Isle pluton, Maine: Distribution, characterization and the role of decompression vs. magma mixing in their formation, Jessica Jean Terrien

Synthesis of uranium phosphate phases and potential retardation effects on spent fuel radionuclides, Andrew S. Turner

Neogene paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic signals from palynomorphs and dispersed organic matter in the Cape Basin, ODP Leg 175, Chioma Udeze Uche

Theses from 2002

Integration of geophysical methods to determine the location of subsurface objects in Grandview Triange, Kansas City, Missouri, Galih Wisudhandi Agusetiawan

Crosshole seismic tomography and borehole logging for engineering site characterization in Sikeston, Missouri, Tiziana Angioni

Stratigraphy and diagenesis of the Paleoproterozoic Bushy Park zinc-lead deposit, South Africa, William Daniel Baugaard

Characterization and analysis of the West Lost Trail Creek Landslide, Hinsdale County, Colorado, Nicholas Holger Beckmann


Sorption potential of Pb, Cd, Zn, and As to selected Paleozoic strata from Carter and Shannon Counties, Missouri, Joseph Daniel Drew

The karst hydrology of Boiling Spring Pulaski County, Missouri, James Edward Kaufmann

Frequency-depth relationships for the GEM-300, an electromagnetic induction tool, Jonathan Blair Shawver

A study on the influence on pH on the adsorption capacity of soil, Lori Dawn Wood

Theses from 2001

Numerical modeling of a brine contaminant plume using a petroleum reservoir simulator, Kendra Alice Arbesman

Constraining the crystallization and post-crystallization history of the Wallamatogus Pluton, Maine, using compositional data from garnet, biotite and muscovite, Joy Kathleen Drake


The mineralogy, petrology and rare earth element geochemistry of the Maw Zone, Athabasca Basin, Canada, Adrienne Joyce Hanly

Assessment of seismic readiness of U.S. Highway 60, in southeast Missouri, Eric Jason Neuner

Non-invasive geophysical methods applied to sanitary landfills: Solid Waste Management Unit 059 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Niklas Henry Putnam

A geophysical study of shallow subsurface groundwater in the Namaqualand, South Africa, Jeremy Scott Strohmeyer

Seismic refraction survey for engineering site investigation at Springfield-Branson Regional Airport, Springfield, Missouri, Thanop Thitimakorn

Theses from 2000

Using ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction methods to detect and delineate underground storage tanks, Thomas William Brady

Late Paleocene-Early Oligocene palynomorphs from the Ct̥e D'Ivoire-Ghana Transform Margin, eastern Equatorial Altantic: biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental significance, Sarah René de la Rue

Engineering geology of the Jefferson City, Missouri area, Briget C. Doyle

Integrated geophysical survey as applied to groundwater exploration, Louise Elizabeth Fraser

The use of ground penetrating radar to assist in roadway maintenance, Shane Michael Hickman

Construction of digital three-dimensional geologic environments for a subsurface investigation simulator, Jon Brian Isaacson


Hydrologic and dye trace study of Welch Spring, Missouri, Anne Elizabeth Keller

Horizontal wick drains: a testing and design study, James Arnold Liljegren

Application of integrated geophysical methods for the delineation of karst in bedrock, Todd Alan Lippincott

Sequence stratigraphy and depositional facies of Lower Ordovician cyclic carbonates, southern Missouri, Robert Brandon Overstreet


An investigation of lead and other metal contaminants in soil near the Buick lead recycling smelter, Iron County, Missouri, Brad Alan Rucker

A three-dimensional seismic interpretation of a triangle thrust zone, Sublette County, Wyoming, Anthony Michael Schroer

Ground-penetrating radar: a tool to evaluate bridge scour, Doyle Joseph Webb

Theses from 1999

Anthropogenic trace metal signatures in lake sediments from south-central Missouri, William Howard Dennis

An analysis of remotely sensed circular features near Lake Spring, Missouri, Pamela Christine Leo

Investigation of the influence of geomorphic factors on the deposition of radionuclide contamination in the receiving stream of the former Weldon Spring Uranium Feed Materials Plant (presently, the Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project) St. Charles County, Missouri, James Anthony Meier

Performing a material and metals mass balance on a long wet cement kiln during normal operating conditions, Ryan Phillip Mueller

Study of alteration phases in glass-bonded zeolite, glass-bonded sodalite, and natural sodalite using vapor hydration tests, Donglin Sun

Electrical property and microstructure during thick film firing, Ping Sun

Analysis of the Red Creek Slide U.S. Highway 50 near Gunnison, Colorado, Scott Ramsey Walker

Theses from 1998

Application of the high-resolution shallow reflection seismic and the ground penetrating radar techniques to the detection of Karstic hazards to roadways in central Missouri, Glendon L. Adams

Application of the high-resolution shallow reflection seismic technique to the delineation of mining hazards in western Illinois, Jesse Alexander Baker

Geology and mineralogy of the Iron Mountain mine, St. Francois CO, Missouri, Mark Anthony Dudley

3-D seismic methodology and interpretation of the Boonsville Gas Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Brian Howard Repke

Application of the ground penetrating radar technique to the detection and delineation of buried homicide victims and evidence, Michael Shane Roark

High resolution shallow reflection seismic studies along the commerce geophysical lineament in the Benton Hills of southeast Missouri, Anthony Edward Shaw

Theses from 1997

Productivity of well clusters in arbitrarily shaped reservoirs: a boundary element approach, Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim

Time/space dependent dispersion coefficient and its effect on solvent concentration and growth of mixing zone in heterogeneous porous media, Mohd Roslee Othman

Coal log pipeline wastewater evaluation and treatment alternative evaluation, Nicole Marie Pagano

Mineralogy and texture of fine-grained shale ores at the Casteel and No. 28 mines, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri, Jinghua Sun

Application of the clamped cubic spline grain size analysis procedure to the St. Peter Sandstone, Lisa Ann Williams


Mineralogy, petrology, petrogenesis, paragenesis and geochemistry of the Eldor carbonatite complex, Labrador Trough, Quebec, Canada, Wayne R. Wright

Theses from 1996

The high resolution shallow seismic reflection method implemented in imaging shallow complex fault structures at Benton Hills and Dudley Ridge in southeast Missouri, Michael Ladd Shoemaker

Application of the dipole-dipole resistivity technique for detection and delineation of subsurface air-filled cavities, Robert Shawn Williams

Silver distribution in pyrite and marcasite from the Buick and Brushy Creek mines, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri, Yue Wu

Palynomorphs biostratigraphy and palynofacies analysis of Cretaceous-Paleocene sediments from the Ct̥e d'Ivoire-Ghana Transform Margin, Oscar Yepes A.

Theses from 1995

Measuring heat capacities and heats of fusion using a high temperature differential scanning calorimeter, Brenda Kay Adams

Mineralogical characterization of waste products from AISI's direct steelmaking pilot plant, John William Cash

Mineralogy, paragenesis, and mineral zoning of the Magmont-West mine, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri, Mark James Fennel

Characterization of lead sinter by reflected light microscopy and electron microbeam analysis, John Matthew Gaines

Dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and palynofacies of the late Eocene-early Ologocene in Southern Mississippi and Alabama, U.S. Gulf Coast, Carlos A. Jaramillo

Mineralogy, paragenetic sequence, geochemistry and genesis of the Okorusu fluorspar deposit, northcentral Namibia, Ari Johnathan Ilko Kogut

Environmental impact study of abandoned oil and gas wells in Lee's Summit, Missouri, Edward A. May

Classification and distribution of galena crystals at the Sweetwater mine, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri, Yan Sun

Theses from 1994

Induced polarization/electrical resistivity study of sanitary landfill located in collapsed sink structure, Clifford Wade Bishop

Fault-propagation folding, depth to detachment, and variations in folding intensity in the overthrust belt of southwest Utah, Lynne White Fielding

Broadband response to seismic systems : theory and applications of the velocity transform, Patrick Michael Graul

Sulfide minerals and galena morphological distributions in selected Virburnum Trend ore deposits, Southeast Missouri, Richard Lee Morris

Fundamental characterization and experimental evaluation of cuttings transport phenomena in horizontal wells, Jesus Ramon Rodriguez Leon

Pre-beneficiation characterization of the Pea Ridge rare-earth minerals, Clarissa W. Vierrether

The effect of texture on the petrophysical properties of dolomite: evidence from the Cambro-Ordovician of Southeast Missouri, Robert E. Woody

Theses from 1993

Soil chemical properties of the residuum of Callaway County, Missouri, Timothy C. Biggs


Microstructural study of synthetic alumina-magnesia spinel for refractories from natural raw materials, Yu-I Eunice Chao

Soil chemical properties of alluvial deposits in east-central Missouri, Robert Weiser Dillon

Observance of leaking mode propagation within high speed layers in cross-borehole experiments, Wayne Alan Hopkins

Theses from 1992

A current study of enviromining laws for industrial minerals and rocks / by Robert Lee Aston., Robert Lee Aston

Mineralogy and geochemistry of carbonaceous flint clays in east central Missouri, David John Keller

Dolomite neomorphism and water-rock relationships in the mineralized Bonneterre Dolomite (Cambrian), Southeast Missouri, Peter R. Laudon

Recent geomorphic evolution of the Little Piney Creek, Phelps County, Missouri, Aaron L. Pugh

Mineralogy of late, east-west fault-related, clay-like pods of potassic alteration in the Viburnum Trend, Mark Allen Rasberry

Vitrinite reflectance of sinkhole coals, east central Missouri fire clay district, Melanie Schales Roberti

Effect of acid treatment on cation exchange capacity of clays, Steven Charles Roberti

Hydrogeological characterization and water-use risk evaluation along a pipeline corridor in southern Missouri, Jeffrey Dewitt. Young

Theses from 1991

Soil chemical properties of eastern Missouri residuum, Steven J. Handley

The influence of bentonite-cement-water ratios and their mixing methods on the performance as annular-space sealants in ground-water monitoring wells, Kelly B. Leseman

Reservoir simulation using microcomputers, Omer Howard Roberts

Theses from 1990

Description and origin of the breccia sequences of the St. Louis Limestone (Mississippian) in Missouri, Candice Anne Hamil

Field investigation of chemical interactions between groundwater monitoring well construction materials and hazardous waste contaminants (Wilsonville, Illinois), Theodore Thomas Riegel

Ore microscopy of the Paoli Ag-Cu deposit, Paoli, Oklahoma, Craig Anthony Thomas