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“This book records highlights of the Rolla campus and the activities of its people. MSM/UMR has been an active participant in 112 years of history. UM-Rolla's tradition of excellence, as evidenced by its long line of successful graduates, ensures a bright future for the campus, and its alumni, students, faculty, and staff will continue to make significant contributions to the affairs of the state, nation, and world.

In many ways the University of Missouri-Rolla exemplifies the character of the state's adopted son, Thomas Jefferson. Graduates of UMR have made major contributions to all areas of science, technology and society; they have been enthusiastic participants in every aspect of life. The campus has contributed to the growth of the nation in the finest Jeffersonian tradition.

One may speculate on the future of the Rolla campus, secure in the knowledge that history repeats itself. A university that has grown and developed through good and bad times and participated in scientific and industrial revolutions certainly can face the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

The University of Missouri-Rolla today is more than a mining and engineering school; it is a university. While retaining its excellent reputation in science and technology, the campus in recent years has evolved into the university for south central Missouri. Its programs in the Fort Leonard Wood area and in St. Louis extend the campus across Missouri, and its international activities ensure worldwide awareness.

The continued and growing needs of the nation for energy and mineral resources virtually assure the sustained importance of our Schools of Mines and Metallurgy and Engineering. They can be expected to contribute in the future, as in the past, an important outpouring of new knowledge and graduates. These alumni will be well-versed in the latest theories and techniques and will have firsthand working knowledge of the equipment and methods of their profession.”—Epilogue, page 233.


The Curators of the University of Missouri

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To UM-Rolla Chancellor Joseph M. Marchello, who conceived the idea for this book, and to the alumni, faculty, staff, and students of MSM/UMR, who are responsible for the rich tradition of this institution.

UM-Rolla: A History of MSM/UMR