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The School of Mines and Metallurgy of the University of Missouri is unique among the various functional divisions of the parent institution at Columbia. Although governed by the same board of curators as manages the affairs of the University as a whole, it occupies a separate campus in another section of the state. The location of the school at Rolla, in Phelps county, has not, of course, in itself, given any particular or specific direction to the development of the institution; but it has made the story of the growth of the school necessarily a different one from what it might have been otherwise. The traditions of the School of Mines are inevitably related to the life of the community in which it finds its home; and the geographic separation of the institution from the University has occasioned the adoption of purposes and policies, from time to time, other than those which might have been put into effect if the school had been located in Columbia.


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In addition to Chapter XIX "The School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla" by Samuel Horace Lloyd, Jr., Associate Professor of History and Psychology, this document contains the Title Page, Preface, Presidential Succession, and Contents of the book.

The University of Missouri, A Centennial History 1839-1939