WHEREAS, undergraduate research is a critical component of experiential learning and experiential learning is one of UMR’s strategic initiatives; and

WHEREAS, research is a critical part of the mission of the University of Missouri. As a land grant institution, it was founded on the premise that new knowledge should be discovered for the benefit of the society; and

WHEREAS, experiential learning through research, design and service are important educational methodologies through which students master their discipline and hone valuable analytical skills and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team; and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri-Rolla has emerged as a leader in promoting experiential learning. While many universities have impressive research activities, their success stems from the efforts of faculty assisted primarily by graduate students. While the University of Missouri-Rolla boasts high quality graduate programs, undergraduates participate in a broad spectrum of experiential learning activities; and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri-Rolla emphasizes the participation of undergraduates in research through a number of means, including an annual undergraduate research conference. This event provides an opportunity for University of Missouri-Rolla undergraduates to showcase their research efforts to the campus community and to the public.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Gary Thomas, Chancellor of the University of Missouri-Rolla, do hereby proclaim April 13, 2005 to be


on the University of Missouri-Rolla campus, and urge the campus community to join me in recognizing the research accomplishments of undergraduates at the University of Missouri-Rolla

Chancellor Gary Thomas


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Wednesday, April 13th

Proclamation of Undergraduate Research Day


Missouri University of Science and Technology