Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 2018


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--Literary Works

This Year Will Be Different by Ian Ferguson

Still Life by Ian Ferguson

I Picked Out A Tree by Mullin Evans

The Garden by Roger Weaver

December by Agnes Vojta

Daffodils by Gavan Cohen

Dream Girl by Vismay Manishbhai Shah

The Relic by Lindi Oyler

A Request To Be Human by Manish Jaisinghani

The Voice by Ian Ferguson

“How High?” by Sierra Herndon

Growth In An Old Garden by Agnes Vojta

Autumn Forest by Agnes Vojta

Lost Potential by Patrick Bazzoli

Of Mice And Metics by Brett Coulon

“O, Brainless One” by Argus Filmore

Deep Breaths by JAZ

War by David Naumann

The Horror In Skemmult Lake by James Bohanon

Leap by Will Shama

Hound Elegy by Jack Morgan

Poem for Marcus Cloud Because He Asked for One In Time Of National Confusion by James Bogan

Les Deux Côtés by Joseph Styczynski

--Visual Art

In One Corner Of Bandung Downtown, West Java, Indonesia by Achmad Makmur

Hobbit House by Ed Malone

Branch by Storm Fire

Stars Over Rocky Falls by Kent Gorday

Mount Rohtang, The Himilayas by Venkata S.A. Dwivadula

Mount Hood, On Route To Portland, OR by Beth Abner

Transcendence - Venkata Sai Abhishek Dwivadula by Venkata S. A. Dwivadula

Wai-O-Tapu, Active Geothermal Area In New Zealand, South Of Roturua by Ed Malone

Hobbiton, New Zealand by Ed Malone

Spiral by Storm Fire

Teton Flowers, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming by Lindi Oyler

Crab Nebula by Kent Gorday

Self-Portrait, Circa 2012 by Ron Caraway

Modern Jungle, Solar-powered Electric Trees, Downtown Singapore by John Nganga

Proactive by Balaji R. Nagarajan

Rice Field Terasering Near Bandung, West Java, Indonesia by Achmad Makmur

Synthesis by Kelly-Marie Christensen

Surface Tension by Jay Clark

A Friendly Visit by Jay Clark

White Water In Oregon by Ian Ferguson

Oregon Coastline by Ian Ferguson

Sunset On The Dock by Jeremy Schneiderjohn

Lite Of Lily by Desley Jett

Mushroom by Storm Fire

Untitled by Rosalee Doty

Untitled by Rosalee Doty

Rabbit by Lindi Oyler

-- Cover Art

Front: Hope: John Nganga

Inside front: Segah River’s Port, Berau, East Borneo, Indonesia - Achmad Makmur

Inside back: Chakra Garden - Connie Gensamer

Inside back: Celebration of Nations, 2017: Best Country Representation - Atta Ur Rehman

Back: Leaving Milford Sound, New Zealand - Ed Malone


THE LITERARY AND ARTS MAGAZINE OF MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SPRING 2018 Southwinds is sponsored by the Department of English & Technical Communication

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For crucial assistance and support, Southwinds wishes to thank:
The Leadership Council of the Dean, College of Arts, Science, and Business
Missouri S&T Student Activity Finance Board
Department of English and Technical Communication
Luce Myers, Department of Arts, Languages, and Philosophy
Raz Kerwin, who laid out this issue of Southwinds in Adobe InDesign CC
Jesse Singleton, Leann Light, and the S&T Printing and Mail Services



Southwinds Staff

Julia White, President
Lindi Oyler, Secretary
Hannah Cannady, Vice President
Rose Rackers, Treasurer

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill, Missouri University of Science and Technology