Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T


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-- Literary Works

Bananas by Christy Hahn

Aonach Eagach by Ian Ferguson

Lub-Dub by Ricky Fowler

Anaphiliac-xis by Ricky Fowler

The View of a Sandbar Mixologist by Mike Marsh

Wing It by Joseph Kane

Until by Jake Gallow

Where I’m From by Travis Buckneberg

I am by Emilia Padilla

I am From by David Sanders

I am From . . . by Joshua Fuhrman

Living Color by Leigha Edwards

The English Longbowman by Isaac Mulhern

Legendary by Rebecca Marcolina

Nightly Glowing by Holly Liebel

Outlast Denial by Ricky Fowler

Loss’s Leisure by Ricky Fowler

Searching by Joseph Styczynski

The Service of Shoes by Shannon Klaus

Sriracha by Daniel Sloan

At the End of the Day by Elizabeth Schultz

Lament by Joseph Styczynski

Bloody Mary by Christy Hahn

Trudge On by Alexandra Wampler

What I Can’t Have by Alisia Hassler

Baby Turtle by Curt Elmore

No Light! by Joshua Burch

“Long Enough Doesn’t Seem to Last” by Alex Stutzman

Two Poems by Jack Morgan

-- Visual Art

She Expressed Herself by Ian Ferguson

MSM Spelunkers Club by Alexander Litsch

photograph by Greg Gamble

photograph by Alexander Litsch

photograph by Greg Gamble

Darwin’s Finch by Stephen Roberts

photograph by Alexander Litsch

cartoon by Jacob White

Ira at the Office by Ron Caraway

photograph by Greg Gamble

Rain in the Forest, Northern Wisconsin by Katelyn Boushon

Taken in Shrenk Hall by Amanda Bloom

The Sandia Mountains, Cibola National Forest by Katelyn Boushon

Centerfold: Too Many Words, Not Enough Time by Kira Buckowing

Missouri Mule by Ron Caraway

Contemplative Words by Kira Buckowing

photograph by Alexander Litsch

Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Turkey by Ed Malone

Bird of Ecuador by Stephen Roberts

A View from Florence, Italy by Elizabeth Mulina

Gateway Arch on a Foggy Day by Beth Abner

Spring Shower, Atlanta by Abhishek Padmanabhuni

Late Summer at Tuz Gölü, Central Turkey by Ed Malone

Memphis in May by Ian Ferguson

Happy Accident: Onion Study by Amanda Bloom

-- Cover art:

Front: Greg Gamble

Inside front: Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus), Galapagos Islands – Stephen Roberts

Inside back: Early Morning Run – Amanda Bloom

Back: Spring Trees, St. Charles, MO – Nicholas Lehde


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Staff of Southwinds

Korynne “Rin” Hendges, President
Anna Sakach, Vice-President
Deborah Yu, Secretary
Giuseppe Vitellaro, Treasurer
Nicholas Lehde
Hadley Bjerke
Ricky Fowler
Julia White
Victoria “Tori” Hagni, Instructional developer in the Educational Technology department

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill