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Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T


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Dr. Gene Warren Doty: Teacher, Poet, Department Chair

Christographia 35: A Spring Bough to Rose by Gene Doty

Release by Gene Doty

Two Haikus by Gene Doty

Broken Thread by Gene Doty

Bone-House by Gene Doty

A True Christmas by Bobby Lewis

Mili by Kira Buckowing

Winter Fox by Rachel McArthur

Hula Dancer by Patti Fleck

Lost, Not Yet Found By Skye Tackkett

I Have Been There by Bobby Lewis

Whiplash by Drew Amidei

Connections by Rachel McArthur

Lately by Jack Morgan

Bad Eggs by Drew Amidei

Poem for my Wife by Drew Amidei

Birth of a Galaxy by Rachel McArthur

Taco Bell Transit by James Bogan

Educated by Ian Ferguson

Kauai Roosters by Patti Fleck

Proposal by Ian Ferguson

Writing Poetry by Ian Ferguson

Kauai Flowers by Patti Fleck

Night by Korynne Hendges

Needles by Rachel McArthur

Through the Mirror by Korynne Hendges

Watershed by Patti Fleck

New Years Eve by Patti Fleck

Rounding a Bend by Jack Morgan

Summoning by Duane Barton

Meaning by Drew Amidei

B&B by Jack Morgan

Anti ... biography by Ian Ferguson

Ma Voisine by Drew Amidei

My Neighbor by Drew Amidei

Visual Art

Gene Doty at UMR in 1981

Gino Warren in 1974

Gene Warren in San Francisco, Date Unknown

Gene Doty at His Home in 2014

Gino Warren Outside His Apartment in Emporia, KS, 1962

Dolmabah~e Camii on Bosphorus by Ed Malone

The Path Less Traveled by Luke Simon

Rider Memorial by Ron Caraway

Ever Onwards, Embracing the Dawn by Rachel McArthur

Southern Ocean, Antarctica by Stephen Roberts

Flight by Rachel Skipper

Black-browed Albatross, Antarctica by Stephen Roberts

Dark Night by William Fordyce

Ben ten's Bonsai by Rachel McArthur

A Man and His Wheel by Luke Simon

Deceptively Circular: Platform 9 3/4 by Luke Simon

Social Media by Rosa Hoyle

Study Tree by Venkata Gopi Krishna Gullapudi

Ira by Ron Caraway

First Class by Luke Simon

Sankranthi by Susmitha Akula

There and Back Again by Luke Simon

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, Ponce Inlet, FL by Beth Swaringham

Knowledge is Power by Justin Zimmerman

The Keeper of the Plains, Wichita, KS by Abhishek Padmanabhui

Seertrees by Luke Simon

Eiffel Tower by Ed Malone

Fall Walk by Venkata Gopi Krishna Gullapudi

Dancer by Rachel Skipper

Ephemeral Hope, Enduring Faith by Rachel McArthur

Lone Speak by William Fordyce

Where's Waldo? by Luke Simon

The Miner by Jenny Page

Noh Mask by Julia White

Ira's Horse by Ron Caraway

Venezia: All Roads Lead to Water by Luke Simon

Southern Ocean, Antarctica by Stephen Roberts

The Heist by Luke Simon

Le Pont by Luke Simon

Lean on Me by Grace Holsten

Art in Europe, 2013 by Ian Ferguson

Front cover art: Chicago Botanic Garden by Abhishek Padmanabhui

Back cover art: Night Walk by Venkata Gopi Krishna Gullapudi


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Julia White, Secretary
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