Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T


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Table of Contents

The Giver's Heart Kala Thomson

The Path Nathan Szanto

Cooking Literacy Airui Zhang

Cherry Tree Nathan Szanto

Arbre Amy Cady

Moon 1 Dr. James Bogan

Hinge Benjamin Korff

Moon 2 Dr. James Bogan

Latch Benjamin Korjf

Sunshine Halo Hannah Barber

Angel Wings Kala Thomson

Fairy Path Hannah Barber

Old Man Gerry Howser

Fragile Things Hannah Barber

Le Chat Amy Cady

Thy Weeds AI Kerc

Winston the Wasp Nathan Szanto

Dandelion Dream Jessie Hahn

Mute Zach Burke

TV Woman Jon Kimbel

Palm Frond Hannah Barber

Requiem for a Nightstand Christopher Davis

A Funny Thing to Find in a Forest Hannah Barber

Water^2 Dr. Curt Elmore

Traveller's Warning Kala Thomson

Ceara Portos Jessie Hahn

Dean Jacob Goldsmith

Love Me David Erdos

Mind Tricks Hannah Barber

Ode to Synesthesia ]acob Goldsmith

The Citizens of the Land Of Green Jessie Hahn

Mariah Kaylee Knackstedt

Lily Guide Hannah Barber

Silhouette on Fire Mitchell Thurman

Sunburst David Erdos

Hang Tight Steven ]ulmus

Buyer's Remorse Zach Burke

Masked Kala Thomson

Past Scott Ketcherside

Budapest Parliament Nathan Szanto

All Things Being Equal Zach Burke

Each New Temple Hannah Barber

Where I'm From AI Kerc

Radiance Kaylee Knackstedt

Winsted Jack Morgan

Metro Nathan Szanto

Take Me Home Phalgun Lalor

Trams Nathan Szanto


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Staff of Southwinds

Tim Arrington, Vice President
Jozianne Brennan
Krista Corvey
Jessie Hahn
Ruth Pratt, Secretary
James Veerkamp, Treasurer
Rebecca White
Alex Womack, President

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill