Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T


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-- Written Works

Vanity Steven Foust

The Unicorn, She Walked Stephen Schwartz

Decision Austin Johnson

I Walk on My Own but Never Alone Phalgun Lolur

Perception Austin Johnson

Clearance Jack Morgan

Order Walter Young

An Open Sea Chris Sample

Hubris Stephen Schwartz

Traditional Community Kyle Thompson

Videotaping Gene Doty

One Eye Dilates Zach Burke

Pencil Shavings Zach Burke

Still I Believe Chris Sample

Beautiful Stephen Schwartz

A Place Derek Koller

Autumn Leaves Stephen Schwartz

The Approaching Storm Matt Tantillo

A Brief Encounter Lindsay Brandt

Tinker Jack Morgan·

The Quest Phalgun Lolur

Cities in the Sky Andrew Brown

Thank You Wordsworth Amanda Wells

Celia and the Engineer Trista Bruning

ICU, 3 AM Gene Doty

How to Become an Astronaut Zach Burke

Expansion James McCabe

My Lady Stephen Schwartz

He Sensed It Saket Dabi

My Terabyte Life Jessie Hahn

Only a Tightening Noose Tim Arrington

Like Cats and Milk Trista Bruning

Under Dry Seas Tim Arrington

Potatoes Stephen Schwartz

There was a Time Phalgun Lolur

Never Have I Ever Tim Arrington

The Blank Wall Phalgun Lolur

Roses Lindsay Brandt

Front Cover: Of Balance and Spheres Nathan Szanto

Back Cover: Curving Space Nathan Szanto

-- Visual Works

Pretty in Pink Michelle Pearson

Bridge Swathi Sambaraj

Damned Autofocus Tyler Irwin

Untitled Alicia Bradley

The Fall Nathan Szanto

Novus Informatio Seclorum Tyler Irwin

Sea in a Jar Nathan Szanto

Milennium Arch Alicia Bradley

Inauguration Sarah Ward

Scary House Swathi Sambaraj

Desire Nathan Szanto

Around the Bend Emily Otto

The Path Nathan Szanto

Plentiful Harvest Matt Crawford

So High Tyler Irwin

Perfect End Nathan Szanto

Broken Heart Nathan Szanto

Orthoptera Nathan Szanto

Forever Circling Sarah Urton

Poker Face- Portrait Nathan Szanto

Silver Lining Tyler Irwin

Flowers Michelle Pearson

Untitled Alicia Bradley

Rolla Elise Haverstick

The End Result Nathan Szanto

U.S. 2 Tyler Irwin

Gateway Tyler Irwin

Dennis the Dinosaur Nathan Szanto

Baby, You're a Firework Michelle Pearson

Iris Nathan Szanto

1 in 100 Nathan Szanto

Joker Cat Nathan Szanto

October Sky Nathan Szanto

The Chicken Nathan Szanto

Red Sea Nathan Szanto

Mongolian Countryside Matt Crawford

Cloudy Day Michelle Pearson

The Photographer Nathan Szanto

Sketch John Issawi

Cold Ring Captures the Love Nathan Szanto

Will You Join Me? Swathi Sambaraj


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In Affectionate Memory of John Henry Lemmermann III



Staff of Southwinds

Jessie Hahn, Editor-in-Chief
Zach Burke
Matt Tantillo
Alicia Bradley
James Veerkamp

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill