Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 1980


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Seasonal Blessing by Jacqueline Sommer

Heaven’s Agony Earth’s Birth by Jay Dee (Short) Farnham

Out the Window by Len Struttman

Atrophy by Ruth Ann Parker

Rolla Weather by Larry Maxwell

Time by Larry Maxwell

Actualization by Ruth Ann Parker

For Monsieur Breton as You are Dead and I am not by Rebecca Gavin

The Badge by Jay Dee (Short) Farnham

Photo by Michael Cole

Untitled by Larry Maxwell

There is NOT ANY but One? by James Jay Klavetter

Changes by Barb Kilpatrick

Untitled by Willie Blocker

Lynn by Tom Renick

Sad Eyes by Jacqueline Sommer

Home Forgotten by Ross T. Barnes

Photo by Michael Cole

A Moral History For Children by Rebecca Gavin

Climbing by Kent G. Green

Artwork by Scott Coleman

Beginnings by Joseph C. Fischer

Storm Clouds by Juliana Barschdorf

Street Boy by Juliana Barschdorf

Soy Chicano by Russell G. Espinosa

Embarrasment by Linda Marie Ponzer

Permuting…Is That It? by Curt Dowdy

Photo by S. Fischbeck

Poem Six by Kathryn Anne Bushur

Death Summons by Ed Hart

Photo by Nelson Rivera

Dabney Dillard by Kent C. Boyd

Into Madness by Catherine Dolan Hopkins

Poem Five by Kathryn Anne Bushur

Artwork by Scott Coleman

Boa Lost at Zoo by Ed Hart

Child’s Imagination by Kathryn Anne Bushur

“White Winged Horse” by Juliana Barschdorf

Nightmare and Resolution (Child’s Version) by Kathryn Anne Bushur

A Jilting by Ed Hart

Louisiana by Randy Barnes


Plethora of Poets by Ann Resh Siehr

Contra Dance by John Morgan

Echos by Joan Floyd

Untitled by Robert Greene

Sweet Potato To Go by Matt and Gene Warren

Laurie’s Collection by George McPherson, Jr.

Girl in Beret by Sandy Primm

Looking For Your Blue Spot by Denise Low

Fairy Tale by K. Hoffman

Play House by K. Hoffman

Midsummer’s Night by K. Hoffman

Unlonely Leventh by Bob moore

Untitled by M. Chrisman

At THe Robo Wash by Margaret Menamin

An Excerpt from “The House on Dead Man’s Curve” by Dr. John Thomas Richards

The Suffering Possibility

Recapitulating by Bob moore

My Sister Always Got The Better Of Me by Margaret Menamin

For My Mother, Who Died April 17, 1978 by Ann Resh Siehr

Retirement Decree by K. Hoffman

Arctic Mime by J. Morgan

Camp Rolla--1862


SOUTHWINDS is published by the Greater Rolla-UMR Metropolitan Literary Society (for the last time this year) and is not an official publication of the University of Missouri--Rolla. SOUTHWINDS will continue to be published by a new organization which interested students are invited to join in the Fall of 1980.

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Spring 1980



Southwinds Staff

Cynthia Callahan, Editor

Carolyn Hammond, Assistant Editor

Cover Design

Scott Coleman