Scholars' Mine - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines


This policy is a set of guidelines for the digital preservation of research data, from which procedures can be developed with confidence that they meet accepted standards, effectively use resources, and support the mission and goals of the Library. Objectives of this policy are to:

  • Describe the challenges associated with the digital preservation of research data.
  • Explain the necessity of a research data management policy.
  • Outline the principles on which the digital preservation of research data are based.
  • State the scope of digital research data preservation activities, including sources and types of digital content that will be preserved.
  • Define the strategies that will be performed to ensure the long-term preservation of research data.
  • Identify stakeholders responsible for components of the digital preservation strategies.
  • Define a policy review schedule.
  • Define terms, identify standards, and list resources that will inform digital preservation activities.


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23 Aug 2017

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