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The intent of the following license agreement is to give The Curators of the University of Missouri on behalf of Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) Library permission to post the material openly on the Web and to take the necessary steps to preserve the material (preserving the material might mean that the files will need to be converted to a different or newer version of a file format if the existing file format or the hardware/software needed to read it becomes obsolete). Authors who submit their work to the Missouri S&T Research Repository retain the copyright to their work, unless they explicitly give it away to a third party. The Missouri S&T Library does not seek or claim copyright on any of the works submitted to the Research Repository A non-exclusive distribution license means that authors may make other copies of their work available on other web sites or through other means without obtaining permission from the Missouri S&T Library. They may also formally publish their work, in the same form or in a revised form, without obtaining permission from the Missouri S&T Library. The Missouri S&T Library charges no fee for the service and collects no revenue from the archive.


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