Plant identification has applications in ethnopharmacology and agriculture. Since leaves are one of a distinguishable feature of a plant, they are routinely used for identification. Recent developments in deep learning have made it possible to accurately identify the majority of samples in five publicly available leaf datasets. However, each dataset captures the images in a highly controlled environment. This paper evaluates the performance of EfficientNet models, B1 to B6, and several other convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures when applied to a combination of the LeafSnap, Middle European Woody Plants 2014, Flavia, Swedish, and Folio datasets. To normalize the impact of imbalance resulting from combining the original datasets, oversampling, undersampling, and transfer learning techniques were used to construct an end-to-end CNN classifier. Greater emphasis was placed on metrics that are appropriate for a diverse-imbalanced dataset, rather than stressing high performance on any one of the original datasets. The B6 model of EfficientNet achieved highly accurate results, with an F-score of 0.9938 on the combined dataset.

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Viraj Gajjar, vgf4c@mst.edu
Ph.D. candidate, Electrical Engineering Department
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Anand Nambisan, akn36d@mst.edu
Ph.D. candidate, Electrical Engineering Department
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dr. Kurt Kosbar, kosbar@mst.edu
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department
Missouri University of Science and Technology


Electrical and Computer Engineering


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