Datasets supporting publications are housed here, linking to the relevant works.


Submissions from 2022


Creating a corpus of all possible word-forms of modified Russian sound verbs using web-scraping methodology. Compilation and adjustment of summary tables for the future tense, imperative, and gerund forms. Forms of “dual action”. Experimental multi-dimensional scaling of web-scraping results., Irina V. Ivliyeva and Perry Koob

Deep Learning-based Dot and Globule Segmentation with Pixel and Blob-based Metrics for Evaluation -- Data, Ananad K. Nambisan, Norsang Lama, Jason Hagerty, Colin Smith, Ahmad Rajeh, Thanh Phan, Samantha Swinfard, and R. Joe Stanley

Submissions from 2021


Plant Identification in a Combined-Imbalanced Leaf Dataset -- Images, Viraj Kishorkumar Gajjar, Anand Nambisan, and Kurt Louis Kosbar

Collaborative Research: Actively Controllable Microfluidics with Film-Confined Redox-Magnetohydrodynamics: Experiment and Simulation -- Supporting Information, Kakkattukuzhy M. Isaac


Method of web-extraction (web scraping) of Russian verb paradigms from electronic dictionaries and databases. Matrix organization of lacunae, their codification and classification (on the material of the verbs of sound), Irina V. Ivliyeva and Perry Koob


Stress-State Dependency of the Deformation Ratio of Quasi-Elastic Granular Soils under Cyclic Loading -- Supporting Information, Pingxin Xia, Longtan Shao, and Wen Deng


Unsteady-State Contact Angle Hysteresis during Droplet Oscillation in Capillary Pores: Theoretical Model and VOF Simulation -- Supporting Information, Chao Zeng, Wen Deng, and Lichun Wang

Submissions from 2020


Effect of Subsurface Microseismicity on the Motion of Surrounding Dispersed Droplets: Supporting Information, Chao Zeng and Wen Deng

Submissions from 2019


Modeling Land Subsidence using InSAR and Airborne Electromagnetic Data: Dataset, Ryan G. Smith and R. Knight


Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Trapped Non-Wetting Droplets Subjected to the Seismic Stimulation in Constricted Tubes: Supporting Information, Yandong Zhang, Chao Zeng, Baojun Bai, and Wen Deng