"Nearly every conscientious engineering student will subject his college courses to an occasional critical analysis in an effort to assure himself that the studies he is pursuing will be a valuable aid to him in future practice. Possibly this skeptical attitude is accentuated by published letters of graduate mining engineers who decry the courses of mining schools in general and clamor for more practicability and higher specialization. Pure science as it is taught may at times seem to be very remote from any possible practical application. Mathematics may appear to be highly abstract. It seems quite logical that the degree of enthusiasm with which a student will apply himself will be considerably dependent upon the conviction he acquires concerning the practical value of his studies. It is the purpose of this thesis, therefore, to offer concrete evidence that a thorough and fundamental training in pure and applied sciences, mathematics, English, and drawing is indispensable to the practicing mining engineer.

To be sure, a cursory examination of a good mining textbook or handbook might acquaint any prospective engineer with the wide range of problems and tasks which are peculiar to that branch of service. Although these sources are available, they do not apparently completely convince the student engineer that all of his work is essential. However, just as a ship's log reveals the course and events of a voyage, so also might a collection of field notes, drawings, reports, assignments, and problems selected from the "log" or a typical mining engineering department over a period of a few years acquaint the reader not only with the scope of functions delegated to that department, but also with the range of science and mathematics which is employed in the performance of engineering work"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Forbes, Carroll Ralph


Mining Engineering

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Professional Degree in Mining Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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xii, 165 pages, 27 plates

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 161-162).


© 1941 Alvin William Knoerr, All rights reserved.

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Mining schools and education
Mining engineering
Mining engineers -- Vocational guidance

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T 717

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Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_1.jpg (308 kB)
Rope Service Record

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_2.jpg (526 kB)
Hoisting Rope History

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_3.jpg (413 kB)
Rope Service

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_4.jpg (688 kB)
Pump Drainage Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_5.jpg (251 kB)
Ventilation Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_6.jpg (778 kB)
Timber Count Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_7.jpg (498 kB)
Monthly Progress Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_8.jpg (550 kB)
Development Weekly Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_9.jpg (468 kB)
Bit Count Report

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Form_10.jpg (497 kB)
Contract Settlements

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-1.jpg (2537 kB)
Mining Method

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-2.jpg (1762 kB)
Diagram of Ventilation System

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-3.jpg (3842 kB)
Centrifugal Pump Installation

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-4.jpg (1610 kB)
Compressor Installation

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-5.jpg (4262 kB)
Compressor Installation

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-6.jpg (1498 kB)
Compressor Installation

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-7.jpg (820 kB)
Exhaust Fan Installation

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-8.jpg (4295 kB)
Safety Device for Skips and Cages

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-9.jpg (3569 kB)
Air Cylinder for Lifting Weights

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-10.jpg (973 kB)
Pneumatic Column

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-11.jpg (8544 kB)
Drill Carriage (Jumbo)

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-12.jpg (1373 kB)
Ventilation Raise Timber

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-13.jpg (4135 kB)
Skip Trailer for Jewell Shaft

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-14.jpg (7633 kB)
Steel Measuring Cartridge

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-15.jpg (6420 kB)
Furnace Shed Construction Drawing

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-16.jpg (1037 kB)
Preliminary Timbering Sketch

Knoerr_Alvin_1941_Fig._D-17.jpg (10458 kB)
Design of Track Cross-Over